Bidroom – Shaking Things Up & Battling Comission Business Model in Hositality

In this episode Wil Slickers, Founder of Slick Talk – The Hospitality Podcast, and Michael Ros, CEO and Co-Founder of Bidroom, build off of the new (and working) approach Michael and his team at Bidroom have taken to change the way things currently are when it comes to OTAs, commission battles, and delivering the proper catered experience with 3rd party providers.

What is Localisation?

Recently, we sat down with Matthijs Kooijman, the Commercial Director of Attached – language intelligence. As one of I Meet Hotel’s ‘Powered by’ sponsors, we had a few questions for Mr. Kooijman about what Attached is and why ‘localisation’ is important for all online presence.

Tell us a little bit about Attached — what do you do?

Attached – language intelligence is a translation, transcreation and localisation agency that helps its customers to connect, be understood, found, liked or even loved, in every language and on every platform.

As a company, why hire a professional translation agency, and not just use Google Translate?

Google Translate provides a very literal translation that does not take context into account. It basically only bridges a language barrier in a rudimental way, without taking account of any nuances, humour or other underlying meanings. Besides that, the quality fluctuates a lot, especially in language combinations that don’t involve English.

A good translation enables your customers to understand you, and transcreation even goes a step further: it shows your customer that you actually understand them!


What is localisation?

Localisation is the adaptation of content to meet the needs of a specific culture, market or nationality. For example, to really connect with your audience, you must distinguish linguistically between French for France, French for Switzerland, French for Canada, French for Belgium and French for African countries. Culturally you can check if the use of certain colours, visuals or symbols are appropriate. Technical localisation can cover date and money notation, technical terminology, metric systems, etc.

How many linguists does Attached work with, and in what languages?

We work with 20 in-house project consultants and language engineers and a global network of more than 1,500 handpicked, experienced translators and content specialists, covering over 35 languages.

Describe a recent success story. What are you proud of? Any achievements that have put Attached on the map?

We localised and managed content for several award-winning campaigns, magazines and blogs, for example for Flying Blue and Norwegian Reward, and the iFly of KLM . Another success is our work translating an expansive knowledge database of 3 million words to ensure consistency across all our client’s support centers worldwide. For Bilderberg hotels, we used transcreation to upgrade the tone of voice of their German and English websites, with which they were very happy.


What does the future look like for Attached?

We have just opened an office in Toronto to help our North American customers even better, which is very exciting. And based on our successful collaborations in the aviation and loyalty industry, we are now shifting focus to the hotel industry where we can add a lot of value to the current level of CX for international customers.

Why come to I Meet Hotel?

I Meet Hotel is a gateway to many hotel industry insiders and leaders. Through I Meet Hotel we have a great opportunity to meet them, learn from them, listen to them and sometimes we get to collaborate with them.

Matthijs Kooijman presented at the event in Amsterdam. To watch the full presentation click down below

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Michael Ros about I Meet Hotel

I Meet Hotel aims to encourage innovation and customer excellence in hospitality by putting together leaders and speakers who shape the future of the industry. Returning as one of the key speakers is’s Co-founder and COO Michael Ros. Bidroom was founded in 2014 to provide both hoteliers and travelers with a fairer online travel community whereby travelers have guaranteed lower prices for rooms and hotels pay no commission due to Bidroom’s unique membership.

I Meet Hotel provides an informal and more exclusive environment meant to build lasting connections and relationships within the hospitality industry. It is a great event because it brings together those who are extremely passionate about hospitality.