The industry

We started Bidroom because we believe everyone deserves a fair deal and the current booking websites do not offer this.

By charging commission, which is getting increasingly higher and can be anything up to 30% in some places, they ensure significantly lower margins for you, ensuring only themselves higher margins. Bidroom gives us all the chance to stop this. Take the initiative and become a ”game changer”!

Average commission value in Europe
More than just an OTA, Bidroom is an OTC (online travel community)
Core Values

Why support

Bidroom ?

Bidroom supports fair practices

It's time to bring back the story of the hospitality industry to its main characters:
hotels and their guests.

  • Commission-free bookings
  • Risk-free membership
  • Direct contact with guests
  • Easy access, User-friendly extranet
  • Access to our unique membership-based marketplace
  • Membership-based Marketplace with a partner network reach of 100M+
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