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I Meet Hotel is powered by the team behind Bidroom.com, the first subscription based hotel marketplace, and uGO.travel. Ugo.travel specialises in building highly converting hotel booking solutions. We support our Customers in building their brand, a higher engagement and driving long-term profit and user value. Therefore we partner with loyalty and subscription products mainly. Our solution allows our Customer to own and control their user data and can evolve their own hotel solution over time with authentication integrations or other travel services integrations. We are an end-to-end travel platform made available to fulfil the direct travel booking needs of our Customers and bring the maximum benefits to them as they own the full scope of the relationship with the end-users. We deliver travel as a service, with a fully customizable platform and an expert team dedicated to delivering professional services based on our Customer's requirements. Visit uGO.travel to learn more about us.
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I Meet Hotel
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I Meet Hotel provides an informal and more exclusive environment meant to build lasting connections and relationships within the hospitality industry. It is a great event because it brings together those who are extremely passionate about hospitality.
Michael Ros
Founder of Bidroom and I Meet Hotel

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