Lennart de Haan

SpecialityCo-founder and CEO @ 4Suites
Lennart de Haan, Co-Founder and CEO of 4SUITES, worked in real estate for several years after his studies in the US and the Netherlands. At the office, they were often fumbling with all those physical keys for the real estate locations. Even worse were the plastic cards that were always getting lost and were terrible for the environment'. What did he come up with to solve this problem? With a group of four he decided to develop software, based on the Internet of Things, with which you can open locks via the cloud. That was the beginning of 4SUITES in 2016 and now thousands of hotel room doors are opened every day through the cloud access platform and mobile keys of 4SUITES. 4SUITES is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Lennart lives in Amsterdam with his wife and their son.

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