Maria Elena Rossi

SpecialityMarketing and Promotion Director @ ENIT
Maria Elena Rossi is an industry professional with close to three decades of experience in private and public sector hospitality and travel. Since April 2018, she has been managing the Marketing and Promotion Department of the Italian National Tourism Agency. In 2000, Rossi also spent five years in charge of Public Relations for L’Oréal in Milan, where she worked for both the L’Oréal Paris and Garnier division. She was later a consultant for strategic planning and marketing in Piedmont, before, during and after the Turin 2006 Olympics. Since 2010, she has been a lecturer at the University of Turin and the University of Eastern Piedmont where she teaches tourism, planning, strategic marketing and destination management, and has contributed to numerous publications on the subject. In her current role at ENIT she develops, implements and monitors marketing plans to promote Italian tourism at national and international level with other stakeholders in the sector. Her department deals with trade fair activities, workshops, B2B and B2C communications, and the coordination of ENIT’s 28 foreign offices. Rossi is fluent in Italian, German, English, Dutch and French.

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