Moriya Rockman

SpecialityFounder & CMO @ Smiling House Luxury Switzerland
Moriya Rockman, founder and CMO of Smiling House Luxury Switzerland, managing over 3.000 properties in 90 destinations in 28 countries. As a Media creative and PR expert, Moriya was involved in the Business Development of many companies. 5 years ago, together with her husband Ira, they founded Smiling House and Smiling Flats Holiday Rentals. Both companies are busy with creating a bridge between Legacy Travel Players and holiday rental professionals, especially in the luxury and premium segment. Moriya is a keynote speaker for the vacation rental industry, and the winner of the SHORTYZ 2020 Pioneer Award. Moriya is also a specialist and a lecturer of the sharing economy. She is an active Partner of Weconomize, a group of professionals leading transforming processes in big organisations using the shared economy.

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